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Nothing short of enthralling carnatic music was what the audience enjoyed on Saturday, the 19 th of January at Powai Fine Arts’ (PFA) two-day Jan Fest organized at Hiranandani Foundation School, Powai.
It was Dr. Sowmya’s vocal expertise along with Shri. Shriramkumar’s finesse on the violin and Shri. Neyveli Narayanan’s fingers on the mridangam that filled the otherwise cold winter air in Powai with some very heart-warming music.

Beginning with the Sahana Varnam, Sowmya set the pace for several more priceless compositions and ragams that followed. Following this was Janaki Ramana in Suddha Seemantini that moved the audience
with a perfect paced alapana, neraval and swaram that a ragam like this one commands. The various shades of Gandharam (G) and Daivatham(D) were highlighted with ease and expertise and was a treat to the listeners.

Next followed an elegant alapana of PantuvaraLi, a ragam so fit for the evening with the lovely Siva Siva Siva ena Radha by Saint Thyagaraja and by Vachamakocha in ATana. Shri. Sriramkumar’s graceful strings was a treat to the listeners. Every composition was given its due importance and devotion by Sowmya with her soulful rendition. Muthuthandavar’s Aadi kondan in MayamaLavagowLa . SriRamam RavikulaSomam by Dikshitar got a well deserved explanation by Sowmya on ragams that share the same
platform, yet minutely differ to bring its shade through.

Then came the evergreen swarajathi Kamakshi Amba in Bhairavi that highlighted the concert. The relaxed and slow-paced alapana, followed by the swaram and sahahityam and then a beautiful neravaL and kalpana swaram were undoubtedly a remarkable performance that met all carnatic music lovers’ expectations. Sowmya just excelled in quality and consistency of rendering each and every kriti.
Shriramkumar’s violin was a great testament to his abilities and Shri Neyveli Narayanan demonstrated his expertise on the mridangam with ease.

The last segment of the concert was devoted to Padam, Javali and kavadi chindu that are Sowmya’s signatures. Then she rendered the patriotic songs in Tamil by Subramanya Bharati to mark the theme “Mera Bharat Mahan” selected by Powai Fine Arts for the concert and was preceded by Papanasan Sivan’s SriMadhava Vasudeva in beautiful Behag.

The evening began with a sweet invocation of Lord Ganesha by the talented young singer Kartik Iyer. Winner of the Carnatic Music Idol last season, he definitely showed all signs of a mature young artiste.

The evening came to a close, however the music kept ringing in and around Powai long after. Congratulations to team PFA for all their efforts to give their audience their best. Having welcomed the New Year in a fitting manner, we look forward to more and more enjoyable music in the coming months at PFA.


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